Welcome to Hellen's Shelter

 Hellen’s shelter was originally started as a refuge for women suffering from domestic violence and girls in danger of the cultural violence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) neither of which are against the law in Uganda
It has now expanded and accepts children orphaned by conflict or AIDS. Some stay until family can be found to take them in, others become permanent residents.

  Hellen’s shelter is approved by the Red Cross and Save the Children and is one of the places to which they will bring street children, mostly girls.
The shelter is registered as an NGO with Lira District Local government. certificate no. LDLG/11/9/1075

It was started in 2003 by Police Superintendent Hellen Alyek and officially opened in 2006


These girls have been presented with dolls made by a wellwisher in the UK, and are wearing dresses made using Sewing Machines and material donated to the Shelter so that the women there can learn skills to support themselves.

Please go to our page Shelter Needs and Future Projects to learn more