Shelter needs & Future Projects

The shelter runs on donations from well wishers.  Their most pressing needs are:
Support for feeding and clothing orphans at the shelter.

Including Medication + Mosquito nets + Bedding Resources for life skills training for young mothers Financial support for Orphans to go to school. School equipment for the younger children

Sponsorship of local teacher/s to come in to the shelter.

Internet Connection/access 


This picture is of volunteer, Sarah, teaching some of the younger children and one aim of our fund raising is to sponsor a teacher and equip a school. Many of the abused women and children are only at the shelter for a short time until they can find a more permanent place of safety or even, in the case of the children, be reunited with family.


We now have a 4 x 4 vehicle!!

Last year we were offered a Jeep but after raising money to send this badly needed resourse to the shelter we decided that the jeep was not in good enough condition to warrant the cost of shipping. We therefore combined the money from selling it with that we were already raising to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle in Uganda.


A small group of women, and one man, from the UK visited during May 2012 taking with them badly needed resources, including money for the vehicle, and we managed to buy a Mitzubishi Pajero.

Photos and more details of the trip will be posted within the next couple of weeks.

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Shelter needs & Future Projects
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